Semi Permanent make-up treatments are used to emphasise the client’s best features or, simply, to save their time which they spend every day on a mundane task of applying makeup. No matter if the eyes, lips, or brows are being done, Aileens goal is for the best results possible.

By using sterile and disposable equipment, the best quality pigments are injected under the top layer of the skin. Immediate result of the treatment is usually not so representative: in the beginning color will appear darker  but as the skin regenerates, this upper layer of epidermis will shed and it will be replaced with new cells. As a consequence, the pigmented area will appear lighter than the initial days after the treatment. This is your healed result.




Technique that gives colour to the lips with a gradient effect.

Have you ever felt that your lips sometimes look pale or asymmetrical? The Permanent Makeup Aquarelle Technique for lips is for you.


This technique defines your lips while it gives them a natural color and translucent effect making them look more voluminous and sexier. It is a beauty process that covers from the border to the center of your lip in order to give it a 3D effect. It’s ideal for most people especially those with pale or asymmetrical lips as it brings up your lips without losing their natural look.


What is the procedure?


Aileen will start with a consultation to ensure this design is right for your wants and needs. Aileen will design a lip to flatter your face shape and give the look of fuller, healthier lips within the contours of your own lips.  A numbing cream is applied before the procedure begins, and you are made comfortable before the tattooing starts.


The design will be based on exact measures of the rest of your facial features balancing the width, length, shape and color of your lips to beautify your whole face. For this process you can choose the color to give your lips a natural look or be advice by your artist to make them look subtly made-up.


The entire procedure takes approximately two/three hours including design time. This technique can correct uneven lips, scarring, and give the illusion of fuller, symmetrical lips. Aileen will help you determine color based on your desired lip effect. Designs can range from a natural or nude look to a more colored effect that emulates a translucent color. Ideal for the illusion of a tint color rather than a lipstick effect.




The duration and efficiency of the process will depend a lot on the aftercare that you give to the treated area in the next days and months. There are a lot of factors that may affect the integration and retention of the pigments; your skin type, the chosen color, aftercare and touch ups. Before and after the procedure there are some factors that should be taken into account such as medicines, sun exposure, smoking, hormones and age to guarantee the treatment’s efficiency. In the next 60 days you should come in for a finishing session that ensures better results. At the end of the process Aileen will indicate the proper precautions that you must take to make your permanent lip makeup last longer which will include:

Avoid licking your lips

Avoid hot and spicy foods

Avoid long exposure to the sun

Do not touch your lips or apply makeup during the first 48hrs. Only apply the balm given by your artist

Avoid swimming in pools or hot tubs as well as saunas and long steamy showers. We recommend showering with a head shower to avoid direct lip contact to hot water, soap, shampoo or conditioner.





SPMU technique that gives the eyebrows more shape and a natural shading look.


Aileen a  highly trained artist will design brows to flatter your face shape and give the look of fuller, healthy eyebrows.  The treatment starts with a consultation to ensure this design is right for your wants and needs. A numbing solution is applied before the procedure begins, and you are made comfortable before the procedure starts. The entire procedure takes approximately one and a half to two hours including design time. This particular technique comes from our expert’s Techniques in Academy S by the hand of Sviatoslav Otchenash.


What is it Magic ombre shading?


This semi permanent eyebrow shading technique gives you an optical illusion of having created a subtle makeup that frames your whole face. This shade defines the shape of your eyebrows making your eyes pop beautifully. This process is done through the best coloring and shading techniques of various tones that result in a much more natural appearance. The pigments are inserted into the skin This machine applies the pigment in a process of light repeated strokes across the brow area.


This design is intended to flatter the entire face with the look of having filled in eyebrows without the need to supplement their fullness with other makeup. Magic Shading is highly recommended for anyone looking for a fuller defined brow. Also for clients who have oily ,problematic skin not suitable for microblading.


After Magic Shading?


At the end of the process, you will be able to return to your normal life immediately, although you must have certain aftercare and considerations to maintain the effect that you want. You will be given the products that you must include in your skincare routine to maintain the eyebrow’s effect and Aileen will explain the possible outcomes and considerations that include:

  • In the next 4 to 7 days the pigment’s intensity will decrease down to 60% because of the skin regeneration.
  • After a month, depending on your skin type, you will have to come back for retouching. In the first two weeks, you might notice redness or little scabs on the area. You don’t have to worry. It’s normal. Depending on your skin type and aftercare, the effect can last up to 12 to 24 months before a touch up.


Why choose Magic Shading?


You’ll enjoy all the benefits of having perfect eyebrows without the need of spending those minutes –sometimes hours- in front of the mirror.




Technique that simulates a black eyeliner on the upper eyelid..


Imagine waking up and you don’t have to do your eyeliner and you still look flawless all day long. Often, you may find yourself struggling while applying eyeliner because they never seem to match as you would like them to. With the Classic Eyeliner permanent makeup technique, you won’t struggle anymore.


What does the treatment entail?


Classic Eyeliner will give you a classic look that will never go old making you look beautiful. Depending on the shape and size of your eye, Aileen will recommend the thickness and length of the line. It is a permanent makeup technique in which some pigments are implanted into the dermil layer of the skin. Even though the procedure is very simple, it can cause some discomfort of the skin around the area that is being treated. Aileen will design a tattoo to flatter your eye shape and give the look of fuller, darker lashes. Like all procedures Aileen will start with a consultation to take into account your own ideas and blend them with her expertise. A numbing cream is applied before the procedure begins, and you are made comfortable before the tattooing starts. The entire procedure takes up to two hours including design and numbing time.


When choosing the color of the eyeliner, the most popular shade is the black, because it imitates the effect of regular eyeliner, although other shades are also available. This treatment is perfect for enhancing the shape of your eyes and making your eyes pop.


During the micropigmentation process, tissue inflammation may happen and this is normal and it depend on each person individually. The final result, looks very natural and can last from 2 to 5 years depending on the skin type. Aftercare, the tone you chose and touch ups of the procedures will all effect the longevity of the procedure.


Benefits of Classic Eyeliner


  • You’ll look flawless all day long without worrying about retouching your eyeliner.
  • You will have a more expressive look; the ideal eyeliner can change and intensify the way you look.
  • You will be able to shape your eyes in the most flattering way.
  • It is ideal for correcting imperfections such as the fallen eyelid effect that can make your eyes look sad or also make small eyes look bigger.
  • It’s ideal for people that do not dare to apply eyeliner for themselves.


Dare to have a fresh pair of eyes with this eye opening and elegant procedure.